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UL/CSA Power Cord Testing

Posted by MEGA Electronics on Sep 28, 2017 7:15:00 AM

US power cords are all UL tested.

All North American power cords are tested using the UL guidelines provided by the “Follow-up and Inspections Instructions” and based on the UL Standard 817 “Cord Sets and Power Supply Cords.”

Electrical properties of cords are 100% tested for:

  1. Continuity of Ground and Line and Neutral

  2. Hi Pot

  3. Polarity

  4. Insulation Resistance

Continuity of Line and Continuity of Grounding Conductor

All 3-wire grounding power cords are tested to verify that in each product:
  1. The conductors are connected to the intended terminals of the connector, and
  2. There is electrical continuity throughout the entire length of the conductor

A continuity test is carried out under high current, simulating a fault to earth.

Hi-Pot Test

Each power cord should be capable of withstanding, without electrical breakdown, the application of a test potential between line conductors and between each line conductor and grounding conductor, if provided, using a 1500-V ac (40 – 70 Hz) test potential applied for 1 second. Other methods may be used if found to accomplish the intended factory control.


Performed on grounded and polarized two-conductor power cords to confirm each of the conductors is connected to the intended terminals of the connector.

Insulation Resistance

The insulation resistance cannot be less than 100 megohms between:

  1. Live parts of opposite polarity
  2. Live parts and dead metal parts that are exposed to human contact or that may be grounded in service
  3. Live parts and any surface of the insulating material that is exposed to human contact or that may be in contact with ground in service

To determine compliance with this requirement, the insulation resistance is measured by a megohmmeter which has an open-circuit output of 500 V or by equivalent equipment.

Mechanical properties are tested on the base of a sampling/monitoring program or during first piece inspection. Among others:

  • North-America----N5-15-down-731RT.jpgConductor Secureness
  • Insertion and Withdrawal forces
  • Security of Blade or Pin
  • Security of Insulation
  • Strain Relief
  • Stray Strands
  • Marking
  • Low Temperature Insertion Test
  • Blade Pull Test at Elevated Temperature
  • Jacket retention test
  • Flexing Test
  • Abrupt pull test

MEGA Electronics not only ensures all power cords meet UL/CSA standards, but we also meet the regulatory requirements of countries around the world. We manufacture power cords and can ship to any location, usually from stock.

Contact us today to learn how we can help with your next project.

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