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Power Cords and Plugs for Asian Exports - Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by MEGA Electronics on Nov 16, 2017 3:52:00 PM

Japan and Australian Power Cords and Plugs available at Mega Electronics

What power cord is used in the Philippines?

The US plug configuration (NEMA 5/15 ) is used in the Philippines despite the fact that the Philippines operates on 220V. 

N. America and Japan plug available through Mega Electronics.Is the Japanese plug the same as the US NEMA style?

Yes, the plug has the same pin configuration, but Japan has their own approval agency (PSE).  In addition, the cable type is a different standard and the complete power cord must be approved by PSE.

Does Japan have a hospital grade or medical grade plug? 

PSE-mark must appear on Japanese Power Supply products.There is a PSE standard for medical plugs for Japan but since it is not mandated by PSE, hospital environments are not required to use it. Individual hospitals can request PSE medical standard plugs for Japan but they rarely, if ever, do.

Is the Taiwanese plug the same as the US NEMA style?

N. America and Japan plug available through Mega Electronics.

Yes, the plug has the same pin configuration but, Taiwan has their own approval agency.  In addition, the cable type is a different standard and the complete power cord must be approved by BSMI - the Taiwanese testing agency. All power cord products to be used within Taiwan are required to have the new BSMI certification and mark. The BSMI mark (see below) is issued by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan.

Taiwan Plugs must also have the BSMI logo.In addition, effective January 1, 2018, Taiwan authority BSMI has announced implementation of RoHS requirements. These requirements are largely the same as the well-established RoHS requirements in Mainland China and similar to those in the European RoHS directive.

LT-420 thailand plug available at Mega Electronics.

Is the US NEMA plug used in Thailand?

TIS mark must appear on Taiwanese plugs.Thailand had a hodgepodge of different plugs used, one of which was the NEMA standard N5/15.  The new plug standard TIS 166-2549 is now required and must carry the TIS approval.  This plug is unique to Thailand and not used in any other country.

What agency approves the Australian plug?

Australian plugs are available at Mega Electronics

The Australian plug can be approved by one of five state agencies.  The standard plug is 10A/250V rated, but 15A and 20A models are available. Australian standard AS/NZS 3112 has been updated and as of April 3, 2005 requires the use of insulated line and neutral pins.

Is there a hospital grade or medical grade plug required in Australia/New Zealand? 

For hospital applications, a clear plug is recommended, but not required.

South-Korea_Power CordCan I use Continental European plugs in South Korea?

KC mark for South Korean CordsThe South Korean plug standard mirrors the Continental European plug, except that it requires the KC approval mark (shown here). The cable type has been revised from the Japanese standard of the past to the European cable nomenclature.  It is possible to have one cord approved both by KC and a European agency. 

Is the Chinese plug the same as Australia?

Chinese Compulsory Certification Mark. Mega Makes all power cords with the proper certificationsNo, the pin lengths are slightly different and the approval for the Chinese plug must be from CCC.  In addition, the Chinese cable has a different designation and must also be CCC approved. 

South Africa-India power cords available at Mega Electronics.What plug is used in India?  Is the same plug used in South Africa and India?

BSI Kitemark The India plug is per IS1293, which is based on the old British standard. BIS approval is now required on the plug and the internal color code is now Black, Red, Green/Yellow, making it impossible to have one cord approved for both India and S. Africa.

What plug is used in Singapore? 

Singapore PSB Spring MarkThe British fused plug standard is used in Singapore, but the PSB Spring Mark is required.   British plugs must be approved by ASTA or BSI for the UK.  It is possible to have one plug approved for both destinations.  In addition, MEGA has the G-Mark for Low-Voltage Electrical products which is regulated by the Gulf Technical Regulation for Low-Voltage Electrical Equipment and Appliances (BD-142004-01) and is required for products shipped to the UAE, Baharain, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman and Saudi Arabia.  

Chinese power cords are available at Mega ElectronicsIs Chinese cable the same as European cable for power cords?

Chinese Compulsory Certification MarkChina has developed their own cable nomenclature, but the cable is measured in cross section sizes similar to all European cable. All approved Chinese cable is required to be approved with the CCC (Chinese Compulsory Certification) marking.  Below is a cross reference conversion chart from CCC standards to European.


Does MEGA stock cords to cover all of the Asian countries?

MEGA keeps power cord stock on hand for nearly every global destination.  Stock can vary with demand.  We strive to be your one stop source to ship to all global destinations.

You can view our catalog of Global Power Cords and supplies here. 

If you have any questions about Asian export requirements, please give us call at 732-249-2656.

Download Your Power Cord Guide to Global Standards

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